Clothing choice of the retired

At the overlook for Cowrock Mountain, I met a lady who was doing AT section hikes in her retirement, chatting with people about where they were from, and doing a bit of mini trail magic by offering to take photos of couples at the overlook. I got caught up in talking to her and left the overlook without a photo.

Much of what I took away from talking with her was her choice of wardrobe, which I hold in higher regard since she has roughly twice my life experience. On the chilly day where temps were averaging 29F, with chilly gusts that stole our warmth, her wardrobe consisted of:

  • Merrill boots
  • Wool socks
  • Wool tights (black)
  • Synthetic skirt (knee length)
  • Polyester, athletic top
  • Polyester, athletic coat

We had a long wait back at Hogpen Gap and she caught up to us, where she parked. Though I know the hike from Tesnatee Gap to Hogpen is uphill, I noted that she still had a sweaty back at the backpack pad spots, even with the freezing temperature.

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