Trying Wool

After the annoying acne situation I discovered with a polyester shirt on my first two days, I got a Woolx shirt, 100% merino. I normally wash new clothes as soon as I get them, but this one I wore for a day, hung, then wore for another. Both days had some good portions outdoors.

The second day, I wore my Timbuk2 backpack. The shoulder straps never quite sat right by my neck, which is I think a problem with my body alignment (seriously, I’m crooked). When I hung the shirt after the second day (no wash still), I noticed pilling on the back where the mesh from the backpack had been apparently rubbing. I can’t blame the pilling on the washing machine, which was one of my concerns.

I think this is a signal that I have to try one of the brands that’s milling the merino around some synthetic thread, that I can’t wear that shirt with a backpack, and/or that I can only wear the wool as an actual base layer with something in between the shirt and a pack.

I don’t like the 2UNDR gear shift. Every time I disrobe, anything it touched is itchy. I might just toss them in the trash. It was an expensive experiment.

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