Tomorrow, I Begin

Tomorrow I take my son up to Springer Mountain and we sign the log book, then I drop him with my wife, eat dinner, and spend the night at Stover Creek Shelter.

We spent last weekend at Cloudland Canyon State Park where I decided that sleeping in my old The North Face tent on the Thermarest Zlite Sol is not my first preference for sleeping outdoors. My second night, I swapped to one of the Eno hammocks that I used for lounging at the top of Sawnee Mountain to do work (yes, real work for pay). That’s when I learned about the chill you get for any body part that touches the hammock fabric. I grabbed my sleeping bag to put a layer between, which I still had a chill when it got down to 63 or so. I stopped sleeping around 5am. I figure if I can get to sleep by 9:30, wake at 5, that gets me plenty of rest and an early start for lots of miles. Rain this weekend - well, it’s possible.

We hiked the west rim trail at Cloudland at about 4.5 miles. My feet were bruised wearing the Altra Lone Peak 4.0, so I picked up the Olympus 3.0 for this weekend hoping that I don’t roll my ankle in them.

  • Saturday night: Stover Creek Shelter
  • Sunday night: Gooch Mountain Shelter
  • Monday: exit at Reece State Memorial

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