Weight Check at 22.5

I bagged up my food for the Labor Day South GA hike last night, put some sleeping clothes in a gallon ziploc, and swapped my Winter bag for my Summer one. I still have to add water filtration, a spoon, pillow, headlamp, and trekking poles to the weight, but tonight it was all-in 25.5 lb.

Things I know are unnecessary, but currently have packed:

  • 5oz homemade first aid kit (mostly the case and bottle of New Skin). I could shave some weight by moving it to a ziploc bag. Still might do that, but I have a thing about crinkling bandaid wrappers. Wouldn’t that mess with the sterility?
  • Heimdall whistle; I teach Cub Scouts to carry one, so I should be a good model of it?
  • 3.344 lb tent; I could sleep in the shelters, but I don’t want to share with mice. I have a hard enough time keeping them out of my own house. I’ll reserve the shelter option for stormy nights.
  • 1.5lb Jetboil+fuel; Surviving on mashed potato powder and MSG mixes doesn’t sound like a good diet

For today’s lunch hike, I walked a pedestrian sidewalk for 2 miles at 17 min/mile.

I’ve also had thoughts about footware. People buy special shoes to keep their feet healthy on a long hike, but then wear garbage shoes and socks for the city (e.g. Converse, Vans, anything with heels…). I have specific, picky issues with the Altra Lone Peak 4.0s, but when I put my regular day-wear ASICS FujiTrabuco 6 back on this morning, I thought I was wearing something made by Playskool! I wore the hell out of my FujiTrabuco 4s and I still have a pair I can’t bring myself to dispose of. I’ve worn ASICS trail runners almost exclusively for the past 20 years and now that I’ve tried Altra, I feel like a fool for having tolerated so many screwups by ASICS since the FujiTrabuco 4.

Speaking of which, I’ve also been wearing white, cotton crew socks from Walmart for as long as I can remember. Now that I’ve shopped around for other options, I’m likely going to cycle all my Hanes and Fruit of the Loom socks for a selection of Darn Tough. I’ll keep the Swiftwick and Thorlos I’ve tried, but probably won’t buy more of them unless I’m having to get some BSA uniform replacement parts. I’ve proudly worked for privately held companies where the owners are actually concerned about making a quality product and proud enough to unapologetically offer that to the market at a premium price over their competitors. I can see that some significant portion of the management of Darn Tough gives a crap about their job and their product. I’d much rather encourage that sort of organization with my patronage, just as I’d rather shop from an ESOP over a union shop.

If someone knows of a company like that in NE Georgia looking to hire an IT guy, let’s talk. I’m eager to work in an ESOP again.

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