Zero Day at Old Federal

I took a zero from training and taught some girls how to fish at Old Federal Campground. Then I taught my son the clove hitch and bowline, though I he didn’t quite get the bowline - it’s a little early for that one. Then we did something really silly - waited in line for an hour and a half at The Varsity to get anything we wanted on the menu for $0.90. I got 4 chili slaw dogs and a chocolate milkshake. I’m quite full.

While at the campground, I talked a small bit to others who had section hiked the AT. One was eyeing my Lone Peak 4.0s, which I decided don’t have enough padding to do rocky trail. I ordered the Olympus 3.0 and may RMA the Lone Peaks. The soles have a really nice grip to them, though.

For lunch, I had a Mountain House beef stew using my Jetboil Minimo. It was quite windy, so I’m not sure if that was the reason it took the peizo starter ~15 tries to ignite or not. It was a definite reminder that I should keep a secondary sparker available. True to all my memories of Mountain House, there was a bunch of leftover water at the bottom of the bag. The real lesson was that if I try to dump that water into my mouth, that it’ll come out exactly NOT where my mouth is and all over my clothes. I don’t really want that situation when I’m surrounded by rodents (and possibly bears) at night. As the whole rig was almost dry, a kid came by and knocked the burner and tank to the rocky ground. Yes, it was my first time to get to use it.

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