Time for Trekking Poles

Hiked with the family at the other side of Sawnee Mountain Preserve tonight (I call phase 3). In the 2.8 miles, my hands swelled up good and obvious enough that the wife gave her blessing to get some trekking poles. I figured I’d pick something from Black Diamond, but I still have no idea whether to get ergo or straight grips. Judging by reviews on each at REI, the ergo poles seem to get more reviews, so are more popular? It also seems like there are more straight pole options, which would dilute the number of reviews each would get.

I wore Darn Tough medium yesterday and large today. After yesterday, I thought the mediums were going to lose the size battle because my toes felt a bit cramped, but after finishing tonight with the large socks, they still feel smushed against the front of the sock. This adds to my feeling that I need to study proper walking and do a self-evaluation.

Other things I still need to buy:

  • headlamp
  • water filter or treatment
  • another pair of socks. I’ll probably get more AT styled Darn Tough
  • pillow. need to see the Thermarest foam one in-person to see if I can smush it between my sleeping bag and my bear container. I’m still on a grand quest for a good camping pillow that doesn’t leave my back or neck sore for a week when I sleep on my side. The Eno Pakpillow I’ve been trying to use just isn’t working.
  • dry bags - at least one for my sleeping stuff
  • make a first aid kit
  • ziploc freezer bags
  • 1-2 more freeze dried meals
  • look at whether I’ll get a different spoon for my dinners or use a Snow Peak spork I already own
  • some sort of straps (and maybe a bag?) to hold my Thermarest pad
  • cut some clothesline from my roll of paracord

After listening to the Backpacker Radio podcast with Katie Gerber, I felt sufficiently shamed about planning to pack Pop Tarts that I took them out of my Garcia container. I don’t even like them very much. One got set aside for my son, when we do the SOBO day hike to Springer Mountain and Amicalola, currently scheduled for Labor Day weekend. It’ll turn me into a flip-flopper. I replaced the Pop Tarts with Banana Peanut and Chocolate Brownie Clif bars. I had previously removed the Epic chicken sriracha meat sticks from my packing list, but I tried one this week and liked it. I’ll be getting more of those, even if I just keep them in the backpack I take to work.

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