More Lean Mass

Hiked Sawnee Mountain today. A group of people cut the trail and my son asked them about it. They stayed behind us the rest of the hike and did not cut again.

Since I started training for the hike, I’ve gained 4 lb, but according to the Fitbit scale, dropped from 14.6% fat to 13.3%. That’s about where I am when I’m in shape for my annual 34 mile off-road bike race around Fort Yargo State Park for Mother’s Day.

It might rain this weekend. I need to pitch my tent to see if it leaks.

My wife looked up classes for me at REI, one on bear bagging and the other on selecting backpacking gear. I think, for our budget’s sake, I ought to just stick with what I have for this year, even if my tent is 20 years old and my sleeping bag is gigantic.

When I opened the garage door to drive to work on Monday, there was a chill outside. It was only 60 degrees, likely the high I’ll have when I’m hiking in November. I’ve suddenly become concerned about packing enough warm clothing - and gloves. I hate being cold. I also wonder whether I straight or ergo grips are better for hiking poles. Could someone just tell me without me having to buy both and put tons of miles on each to find out?

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