Tubing to Test Hike Gear

I had a little extra comp time built up at work today, so when the family said they were going tubing on the Chestatee River, I joined in. I unzipped the bottom from my new prAna Convertible Zion pants and used them for swim pants to see how they would act if I get rain on the hike. Water beaded on about 14 of the fabric. The SAXX boxers were… still not impressing me, but I haven’t found something better. My Marmot Windridge LS got heavy and didn’t dry fast enough. I should have used my safety orange Hanes Cool DRI shirt instead. In places where it was most important to be dry, it was the longest to stay wet.

I meant to go ahead and get a Platypus 2.0L water bottle filter kit when I was at REI last time, but I have a silly rule that I only buy what I can carry, and my arms were full. I may double-up to get some chlorine dioxide tablets, too. Only packing Aquamira is an interesting idea to me, but I still like the idea of having something filter the particulate from whatever I scoop up. Hopefully, I’ll look like a genius for getting the Platypus when we’re at the Grand Canyon.

I’m close to my final weight on my packpack. With a little bit of food in the Garcia container, it weighs in at 19lb. I still need dry bags for my sleeping bag and USB battery. I may get a separate bag for sleeping clothes, too. I think everything will fit in the pack. The tent makes the middle 13 tight, but that’ll keep things from sloshing and rubbing.

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