Hiking With Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher rubbed my pack a lot. It was a bad idea.

Last night I weighed a bunch of stuff and figured the skin-out weight for the November GA thru-hike is 34-35lb - pack, what I’m wearing, food, water, all of it. Today I was having trouble figuring out what to put in my pack to weight it down that much, so I grabbed the fire extinguisher from the garage and threw it in my pack. That brought my list of ridiculous pack items from including camp chair, full bag of baby wipes, 24 pack of AA batteries, 6 pack of D batteries, up quite a lot. Total: 32.5 lb. Add shoes, clothes, etc, I’d be up around what I added up.

Note, by the more traditional pack-only base weight, minus food and water, my calculations are at about 19.5 lb. That matches the range from the 2017 annual hiker survey. I think I could probably still shake a bit more out of that.

Naturally, the Fitbit app was nice enough to lose my hike metrics from tonight; unreliable POS. I ended somewhere in the 26 mile/min range for a 2 mile hike up and down the Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats. Historically, I know that’s about a 325 ft elevation gain. It was a good workout and I could have kept going.

My super heavy Garcia bear container should be here Thursday. I’ll stop to pick that up at REI and pick up a Thermarest Z Lite Sol. I still haven’t settled on a cooking system, yet. The obvious choice to me is a Jetboil system, but I hear too many bad stories about their reliability to start it. Having something with an open grill like the PocketRocket and a sparking tool seems like additional peace of mind, so that’s what I’m leaning towards. I’m also still procrastinating on water filtration, trekking poles, gloves, and dry bags.

Wife and I have been tossing around trail names. Her initial suggestion was Bear Magnet, which I liked a lot until I found another one mentioned on the Internet. I especially like it because the first time I did an overnight hike up a mountain (Big Bend National Park), black bears came in the campsite looking for leftover dinner. Tonight, the family had fun with scenarios of me dropping my glasses on the trail. From that, Mr. Magoo or Dr. Magoo also seemed appropriate candidates. One will stick - though my fondness for Bear Magnet hasn’t disappeared.

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