Kids Tried Pack

I took the kids to get their “Get Outdoors Georgia” and Junior Ranger patches at Amicalola Falls. The GA state parks are each supposed to get their own Junior Ranger program and phase out the current one. I asked the lady at the Amicalola visitor station if I could get a patch, too, but she denied me. I was even wearing my Canyon Climbers Club shirt (100% heavyweight cotton)!

My pack was 26.5 lb, which included a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t carry on the hike (like a pack of D batteries, my Alite chair…) The downhills felt easier today, but at the 2nd mile, I started feeling off-balance. I didn’t like the Swiftwick socks as much as the Thorlo and Darn Tough socks.

I tried my knee brace today. It rubbed on a pimple I didn’t know I had on the back of my knee, which was greatly annoying. It also prevented me from bending my knee naturally, so I stumbled a half dozen times when I didn’t lift my foot high enough. I think I’m going to drop it from my equipment list, though the wife says I should try hiking with my Nike running tights under the brace to see if that helps with the pinching behind my knee.

The kids tried on my pack when I got home and went upstairs with it.

This morning, I spent a half hour agonizing over which apps to uninstall from my phone. Something has been chewing threw battery. I also need to find something that will shutoff wifi and bluetooth while I’m hiking so I don’t have to recharge as frequently on a multi-day hike. The Automatic and Fitbit apps both use bluetooth, and I think Automatic keeps turning it back on even if I disable it. I haven’t been using the Automatic metrics, so I may just have to uninstall that again and rely on the Ford bluetooth to make emergency calls for me if I get in a wreck.

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