Trail Naming Ettiquite

I forgot a major event on my AT approach hike! Several hikers stopped me to ask questions or for directions. It was interesting since nobody ever did such things when I hike that section without a pack. Hiker guys have a good reputation for friendliness, I guess?

For one of the encounters, I don’t even remember the topic of the exchange - directions, what are you doing, where did you start, something like that. As we each turned to part ways in opposite directions, he said, “see you later, Heavy.” I had three steps of momentum before I realized what he’d just said. I rattled it through my head, like maybe I misunderstood, but I know I heard it clearly… but maybe I did misunderstand? I ask people to repeat themselves a lot more than I used to. It seems like he was designating or nominating my trail name. Am I right about such departing commentary?

Honestly, I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I filled my 60L completely full of junk I’d never actually take on the trail to get a good workout? So while I thought it was journal material, I assume I get some say in what trail name I write on the first register, and I’m going to decline that one. If I ask my kids, I’m more likely to get a list of 50 ludicrous names instead of just one serious one. I may raise it at our next board game night and see what happens.

I fell into a YouTube hole tonight watching people boil water and dump it in a ziploc bag full of powdered potatoes. The diets of hikers seem really poor. I hope they’re taking multi-vitamins or something to get something more than just the raw calories.

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