Tiger Emergency Preparedness Award

Make plans for an emergency with your Tiger Scout.


  1. Cover a family fire plan and drill, and what to do if separated from the family.
  2. Discuss a family emergency plan with the family.
  3. Create, plan, and practice summoning help during an emergency.
  4. Take a nationally recognized first-aid course geared toward children such as American Red Cross First Aid for Children Today (FACT).
  5. Join a safe kids program such as McGruff Child Identification, Internet Safety, or Safety at Home.
  6. Show and tell your family household what you have learned about preparing for emergencies.

The pin is available on scoutstuff.org, though you’re supposed to submit paperwork to your council service center so they can track stats on how popular it is and provide recognition.

Don’t try to do this all in one meeting with young kids. Break it across several meetings.

Teaching materials

The recommended teaching materials are out-of-print. Get a used copy and share it with your other den leaders!

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