Tiger Theater

This adventure takes at least two meetings.

Adventure Requirements

  1. With your den, discuss the following types of theater: puppet shows, reader’s theater, and pantomime.
  2. As a den, play a game of one-word charades with your adult partners.
  3. Make a puppet to show your den or display at a pack meeting.
  4. Perform a simple reader’s theater. Make a mask afterward to show what your character looks like.
  5. Watch a play or attend a story time at a library.

Forsyth County libraries

Each of the Forsyth County libraries have a kid sized puppet theater and a basket of puppets. You can make arrangements to have the theater moved from storage to the juvenile section. Perform your puppet shows in the juvenile section instead of a meeting room and have an audience!

Stephanie Hampson, Youth Services Supervisor at Hampton Park, is a great friend of scouting. Make arrangements with her before your den meeting and she’ll have a kid size theater setup for you when you arrive for your den meeting.

Watch the library schedule for story times. If none of them fit your schedule, ask a librarian to do a special one for your meeting. They’ll give your den a library tour, too!

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