Tiger Backyard Jungle

Free parks to plan a meeting for the Tiger Backyard Jungle Adventure.

Adventure Requirements

  1. Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike.
  2. Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area.
  3. Be helpful to plants and animals by planting a tree or other plant in your neighborhood.
  4. Build and hang a birdhouse.
  5. With your adult partner, go on a walk, and pick out two sounds you hear in your “jungle.”


Though many parks are listed here, any open space is suitable for a one-foot hike. If you have den meetings at someone’s home, you should actually go in their back yard for the one-foot hike!

Lumpkin County Yahoola Creek Park

Yahoola Park in Dahlonega has a pavilion adjacent to the playground. Park near the soccer field to do your one-foot hike where a stream enters the creek. The wooded areas of the park are full of trails to pick sounds you hear. End the meeting with some time at the playground.

Dawson County Rock Creek Sports Complex

Rock Creek Sports Complex has a garden area between the tennis courts and baseball fields sponsored by the Rotary. There’s a creek near the garden and alongside the track that may be a good source of specimens for a one-foot hike.

Forsyth County Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Sawnee Mountain Preserve is a must-visit for all scouts in Northeast Georgia. The preserve has three access points. Use the 4075 Spot Road entrance to visit the education center.

Park at the 2500 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road entrance for the shortest hike to the Indian Seats for a mountain-top view from deck built as an Eagle Scout project. The 2500 entrance also has an amphitheater and pavilions for an impromptu review of what you learned in your outing. This is also the best entrance for the 14 mile Eaglet Trail, which is suitable going on a walk in Requirement 5.

2505 Bettis-Tribble Gap Road is the newest entrance and has a playground with pavillions.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve trail map

Calloway Gardens

Callaway Resort & Gardens is free twice a year for Founder’s Day. Callaway Gardens honors its founders each year on November 6 (Cason J. Callaway’s birthday) and February 21 (Virginia Hand Callaway’s birthday).

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