Doctor of Philosophy in Education

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I started the Ph.D. in the Instructional Technology department of the College of Education at University of Central Florida in 2005. The focus of the program is the application of appropriate instructional technologies to the adult learner and validation of the Digital Propensity Index by Kelsey Henderson.

Instructional Technology as an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the systematic design of training and educational environments. Instructional Technology is not about computers; rather, the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation and management of high-quality instruction.

An important part of assignments and portfolio assessment is reflection. After all, if I just posted my old assignments to the internet without any narrative, the assignments might not make a lot of sense. Reflection is part of the College of Education Conceptual Framework. At first, I thought the framework was just a bunch of administrative BS for staying accredited, but having reflection in the core shows me maybe it's got some validity.

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